People often fear sadness and despair,
They say bad feelings scare them.
But I can assure you my friends,
They couldn’t be more misleading.

Let me tell you,
What’s scarier than extreme sadness ,
Or intense anger
 or some reckless, deadly ecstasy.

It’s the numbness.
The Inability to feel anything.
No matter how hard you try to muster every sense in your brain,
Every nerve in your chest,
Yet you aint got no nothing.

Some realization has dawned on me,
I’ve just found the hardest ‘would you rather’ question for myself
Its when someone asks me
“Would you rather suffer from extreme emotions forever? Or trapped in the inability to feel anything for the rest of your life?”
Well, they both be scarring me to death,
Coz they both equally pains me,
Though they gnaw at me differently.

Balikpapan, 2.03 AM July 1st 2017

**Artwork's credit goes to its artist


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