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Persuasive Essay : Ending Religious Discrimination in Indonesia

by : Raditya Darningtyas
Tohir, a 50 years old Shia Muslim, still remembers a mob of over hundred men stomping their feet at the ground, coming to his village. He still remembers rocks were being thrown at people, women rushing into their house, panic and fear spinning out of their eyes. He still remembers the mob burning down more than 30 houses, forcing villagers to run seeking refuge at the sports hall, all the while expressing their angry snarls with assailing remarks ‘Burn the Shias’ houses’ and ‘Kill the Shia’. He still remembers the mob was armed with swords and sickles and other objects they deemed decent as weapons. He still remembers the mob hacking his brother to death, after his fruitless effort to calm them down. The memories are still fresh breathing in his head. Alongside hundreds other villagers, nothing that they do could possibly erase the trauma from their painful retention. Shia is one of the two main branches of Islam (Sunni & Shia) that rejects the first thr…