Democratic Democide : On Why We Should Regret the Over - Glorification of Democracy

by : Raditya Putranti Darningtyas 

by : Raditya Putranti Darningtyas  International Relations, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Despite the initial doubt and disdain by many, democracy has persisted throughout history and now known across the world as the only legitimate, even imaginable, form of political society.[1] With the recent transition to democracy, from what is known as the Third Wave[2] after extended era of dictatorship to the emerging democratization as a result of the Arab Spring, there is no doubt that democracy is currently on its world historical peak. Its universal appeal makes it glorified as the ultimate solution of many social problems like unequal distribution of wealth, violent conflicts, and even democratization is often used as the justification of military intervention to topple down evil authoritarian regimes across the globes. In spite of this, democracy also finds itself hampered by endless threats of declining levels of civic participation and the increase of apathet…


i dont wanna die
i just want to not exist
does that make sense?
for the earth to swallow me whole
to erase my past and present hole
to retract my future in a sheathed glove
i am just so tired of keep falling apart

killing myself would be a huge sin
ive known that
how could i not?
when every minute spent in His house
was filled with flying warning
about how ill be burning
if i ever choose to act upon this feeling
be it the wanting and loving i felt for him or her
to the desire of self-annihilating

You wanna know the most unfair thing?
is that i never asked to be born into this sinning,
into this empty longing.
then why the fuck am i the one suffering?
God, help me getting rid of this fear of living.

Yogyakarta, 12th of May 2018
**Pic isnt mine. Pic is of Billie Eilish tho i wish she is mine. Super talented artist. Go check out her songs!


I was a dreamer
before I was a sinner,
Woe is me
The last time that
you touched me
I've lost the poet in me
I no longer cry
I no longer bask in joy
I no longer feel
I've grown a thinker in me
She baths in logic
She dances with consequences
But she misses music,
She needs words to speak
She wants art to reek

by : Raditya Darningtyas
Yogyakarta, 17th of March 2018

**Good Morning World is a painting by Natalia Baykalova which was uploaded on November 23rd, 2012.

Analisis Eko-Sosialisme : Dampak Perdagangan Kopi Global terhadap Lingkungan di Nikaragua

1.Latar Belakang Dinamika hubungan perdagangan internasionalantara Negara Utara dan Selatan cenderung eksploitatif dimana sumber daya, baik alam dan manusia, dari Negara-negara Selatan terus dieksploitasi demi terwujudnya akumulasi keuntungan aktor-aktor kapitalis dari Negara-negara Utara.Sistem perdagangan global biasanya yang menyasar buruh murah dan pengendalian biaya produksi serendah-rendahnya sehingga menimbulkan eksploitasi lingkungan dan permasalahan kesejahteraan usaha kecil dan menengah local di Negara-negara berkembang. Makalah ini akan berusaha menjawab pertanyaan; Bagaimana Liberalisasi Perdagangan Kopi Global Menyebabkan Kerusakan Lingkungan di Negara Selatan Selaku Negara Produsendengan Studi Kasus industry kopi local di Nikaragua ? Salah satu komoditas sumber daya alam yang menjadi sasaran eksploitasi di Negara-negara Amerika latin adalah kopi. Kopi merupakan komoditas yang paling banyak diperdagangkan kedua setelah minyak bumi, sehingga ia bukan aja menjadi tulang pungg…