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Literary Analysis The Catcher in the Rye : Holden Cauffield; Complete Failure in Reaching Maturity

by : Raditya Darningtyas
According to Wikipedia, maturity psychologically means the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. Since the term ‘appropriate’ is too subjective of a word, Dr. William Menninger established the progressive stages of emotional maturity as the criteria whether or not someone is a hundred percent matured. Menninger’s criteria are carefully listed with the intention that it has to be followed in order without skipping any step. According to Menninger, an emotionally immature person possesses the following characteristics: Having the ability to deal constructively with reality; having the capacity to adapt to change; having a freedom from symptoms that are produced by tensions and anxieties; having the capacity to find more satisfaction in giving than receiving; having the capacity to relate to others in a consistent manner with mutual satisfaction and helpfulness; having the capacity to direct one’s instinctive hostile energy into creative…