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Dear Blissful Ignorants

Not being able to cry is scary
When people don't know what to do with their emotions, they feel the urge to smash, slash, scratch, destroy things, people, themselves.
When they start saying things like, "Oh, I don't need anyone else to distract me from myself anymore"
Chances are, the alternatives they found were even worse. Save them. Reach out to them. Show them that you care.
Enunciate for them That life is worth it, That they are stronger than their depression, That they are braver than their loneliness, That nothing, will ever exhaust them.
**Artwork's credit goes to its artist

excerpt : Hers

Some people call her mad. Some other calls her enraged. Few call her passionate. Her mom thinks she is just a slut, while she herself prefers the word ‘boundless’. She hates being tied. She hates being confined. She hates limits, so, she crosses every border. She erases every lines, because, she hates being incapable. The world is one giant playground for her, minus any rules and regulation. Anything that restraint doesn’t have a room in her already packed mind. Rulebooks are a waste of paper and guidelines shrinkage the fun. Life is about being exist. Being exist is about being alive. True meaning of life is never a suffering. It is always about enjoyment for her. Even though life frequently makes her suffer, she chooses to believe that she enjoys the pain till’ every tiny facet of it. That this is not a suffering, but a choice. A choice that she gladly enjoys. A pain isn’t painful until you choose to believe so.
She was watching a huge spider in the corner of her room. A stark lit…