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so i tell them

So they asked me,

Why am I still pulling at your feeble hand?
Why am I still latching on to your arms?
Why am I still holding on to your words?
Your pointless promises,
Our dashed dreams,
My fading fortitude.
I am telling you now
My endurance has no limit
I am telling you now
Your every smile worth my million times
I am telling you now
I’ll chase every forever to make yours mine
I am telling you now
I may no longer be in love with you,
Broken minds like ours don’t go for that kinda shit,
But I am telling you now,
This infinite tenderness I feel for you
It aint goin anywhere
It wont stay in the past
Yet It wasn’t willing to darn our future together either
So I’ll let it lingers for a while
Though my while could mean eon
 and i know that you wont mind.


A year ago today
We were walking hand in hand.
We both were villains
We both were cruel
Yet i had a dream we were fine.
We werent crazy,
We were divine.
which one was it, hon?

I guess its been sung
That when a heart breaks it doesnt break even.
And when my episode comes,
There'd be no remedy for our memories.

I told'em when u find true love, it lives on
The kind of love that doesnt demand,
The kind of love that doesnt burn out,
Even without the glory of lust and heated makeout.
For it already sustains an infinite tenderness for a certain someone.

I guess i realized at that moment,
that i really did love u, huh?
Because there was nothing to gain,
and that didnt matter.

Yogyakarta August 27th 2017

Australia’s Counter-Terrorism: Strategic Alliances with United States and ASEAN Countries

Department of International Relations Universitas Gadjah Mada
Australian Foreign Policy 
Final Essay Raditya Putranti Darningtyas
            Issues of terrorism have regained its significance within international political and security discourse since the end of cold war era. September 11 has also refocused international security concern to terrorism as an imminent threat toward world stability. According to David Rapoport, the world has witnessed four waves of terrorism. The first began in 1880 and it was mostly carried out by anarchist activities in Russia and Europe when terrorist groups tried to assassinate politicians, monarchs and other prominent figures in hope of turning masses into revolutionaries. The second wave began in 1920 and continued until 1960s known for its string anticolonial movements by small states seeking to topple down their colonial rulers. This would mount with the emergence of indepe…


its your death anniversary today.
i miss you.
i really do.
I think i just need to get it out of my system this year.
I'll have the world know about that fight of yours
When i finally learn how to talk about you without having the urge to break.
When you no longer owe me a reason.

Save yourself

Truth is no one is gonna be able to save you. Especially not from yourself So seize control of yourself. You aren’t your thoughts or emotions. You are the consciousness that observes them.
**Artwork's credit goes to its artist


People often fear sadness and despair, They say bad feelings scare them. But I can assure you my friends, They couldn’t be more misleading.
Let me tell you, What’s scarier than extreme sadness , Or intense anger  or some reckless, deadly ecstasy.
It’s the numbness. The Inability to feel anything. No matter how hard you try to muster every sense in your brain, Every nerve in your chest, Yet you aint got no nothing.
Some realization has dawned on me, I’ve just found the hardest ‘would you rather’ question for myself Its when someone asks me “Would you rather suffer from extreme emotions forever? Or trapped in the inability to feel anything for the rest of your life?” Well, they both be scarring me to death, Coz they both equally pains me, Though they gnaw at me differently.

Balikpapan, 2.03 AM July 1st 2017

**Artwork's credit goes to its artist


And I guess I realized at that moment,
that I really did love her. 
Because there was nothing to gain, 
and that didn't matter. (Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, p.179)

Sex Wars: In Defense of Feminist Porn

International Relations Universitas Gadjah Mada
Gender and Politics
Final Essay Raditya Putranti Darningtyas

Reading into Andrea Dworkin’s array of works on radical feminism[1] reminds me of that time I was scolded by my mom for having sexual urges; as if I was to be blamed for the way my body works. As if it was unnatural for women to want to have sex. I was probably four when my mom first caught me rocking on my tricycle seat, back and forth, trying to generate more from the strange pleasure of rubbing my genital against something. She pulled me off my tricycle abruptly and proceeded to sit me in front of her. Here came her first reprimand on how what I was doing was absolutely disgusting, shameful, and most importantly worthy of sin from God. Without any coherence of reasoning, she simply stated that touching my vagina is unacceptable. The 4 year old me was understandably confused and …

Dear Blissful Ignorants

Not being able to cry is scary
When people don't know what to do with their emotions, they feel the urge to smash, slash, scratch, destroy things, people, themselves.
When they start saying things like, "Oh, I don't need anyone else to distract me from myself anymore"
Chances are, the alternatives they found were even worse. Save them. Reach out to them. Show them that you care.
Enunciate for them That life is worth it, That they are stronger than their depression, That they are braver than their loneliness, That nothing, will ever exhaust them.
**Artwork's credit goes to its artist

excerpt : Hers

Some people call her mad. Some other calls her enraged. Few call her passionate. Her mom thinks she is just a slut, while she herself prefers the word ‘boundless’. She hates being tied. She hates being confined. She hates limits, so, she crosses every border. She erases every lines, because, she hates being incapable. The world is one giant playground for her, minus any rules and regulation. Anything that restraint doesn’t have a room in her already packed mind. Rulebooks are a waste of paper and guidelines shrinkage the fun. Life is about being exist. Being exist is about being alive. True meaning of life is never a suffering. It is always about enjoyment for her. Even though life frequently makes her suffer, she chooses to believe that she enjoys the pain till’ every tiny facet of it. That this is not a suffering, but a choice. A choice that she gladly enjoys. A pain isn’t painful until you choose to believe so.
She was watching a huge spider in the corner of her room. A stark lit…

Ulasan Kritis : Political Islam in the Middle East oleh Are Knudsen

Oleh             : Raditya Putranti Darningtyas Mata Kuliah : Gerakan Politik Timur Tengah

            Are Knudsen dalam tulisannya yang berjudul Political Islam in the Middle East berupaya memberi gambaran umum mengenai latar belakang munculnya gerakan politik Islam di Timur Tengah, perkembangan debat seputar isu-isu spesifik dalam dinamika kiprah gerakan politik Islam, dan pemaparan beberapa konsep dominan dalam gerakan politik Islam seperti jihad dan kompatibilitas konsep politik Islam dan demokrasi Barat.  Knudsen memaparkan tiga ciri gerakan Islam yaitu; (a) ketika sekelompok orang mengidentifikasi diri mereka sebagai bagian dari gerakan Islam; (b) mereka mencita-citakan berdirinya negara Islam yang berjalan sesuai dengan syariah; (c) mereka mengorganisir diri mereka untuk melaksanakan berbagai usaha dalam rangka mencapai cita-cita diatas. Ciri-ciri ini kemudian di kelompokkan oleh Sami Zubada menjadi tiga jenis tipologi gerakan politik Islam yaitu; (a) Islam Konservatif yang menng…